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UO Football Practice Fields

Eugene, OR

Integrated with the new Hatfield-Dowlin Complex, the football practice facility is a tremendous training and recruiting asset.  Our firm designed the original complex in 1997, comprised of sand-based turfgrass fields.  This improvement includes conversion to two full-sized synthetic turf fields, as well as relocation of one sand-based field.  The practice fields are designed to mimic conditions within Autzen stadium.  The fields were regraded to replicate the slight crown.  Alternating green bands at 5 yard intervals and field markings also match the Autzen design.  Each field is individually named and marked with integral typography.  The fields are illuminated with a MUSCO system.

Just beyond the practice fields, features have been incorporated for fitness and strength training.  Included are a system of running ramps set at various degrees of inclination.  They are surfaced with a special short-blade turf to optimize traction.  A special sand pit box is implemented at the field level for running drills.  Ancillary storage of practice equipment, maintenance vehicles and spare materials are incorporated into another strategically placed zone in the corner.   Landscape and walls are positioned at the perimeter to enhance the aesthetics and assure privacy.  The complex was completed for full use prior to the 2013 football season.

The practice facility was a recipient of the American Sports Builders Association’s 2014 Distinguished Multi-Field Facility Award.