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Keizer Transit Center

Keizer, OR

Keizer Transit Center is Cherriots’ (Salem-Keizer Transit) newest addition to its growing community based transit service.  The new center helps define the 3Cs transit model, which includes transit Centers, Circulators in neighborhoods, and high frequency Corridor routes.  The site provides a much needed transit hub for the north end of the Salem-Keizer area.

The site is located to the west of the Keizer Station shopping center and helps mark the entrance to the City of Keizer.  The design of the site provides a center island that allows transit users to quickly and easily transfer buses without crossing vehicle or bus travel lanes.  The new building is also located on the transit island and provides rain protection, transit information, and restroom facilities for all users.  It also provides a meeting and break room for transit staff and drivers.  Site amenities, including benches, art, and trash and recycling receptacles, are sprinkled throughout the site.  Ample parking for transit users is located in a new parking lot that also provides a buffer between the transit island and the existing railroad tracks located on the east edge of the property.  The site was also designed to protect and save two large existing trees located on the south end of the property.

The site includes sustainable design features, including a green roof on the building and four rain gardens to treat storm water.  The landscape design for the transit center follows the same goal of sustainability.  The trees, shrubs, and seed mixes chosen were those that require minimal use of irrigation water, provide seasonal color and variation, reduce maintenance, and will tolerate the harsh microclimate of the transit center.  The species of plants are a mixture of native and “native analog” plants, plants with similar growing needs to native plant materials.