Shannon Arms


Shannon is a landscape designer and educator committed to creating more equitable and climate-resilient outdoor places for all communities. Shannon first joined Cameron McCarthy in 2015 as a Landscape Associate. In 2018 she returned as a project manager after two years working in California. She contributes her design skills, project management savvy and construction experience on academic, residential, athletic and urban development projects of varying scales.

Professional Experience 

With degrees in architecture and landscape architecture from the University of Oregon and prior experience in outdoor youth programming, special education, and small-scale design-build, Shannon’s skills live at the intersection of many disciplines. Her background allows her to collaborate with many other built environment professionals. She is comfortable working at many scales. While at UO, Shannon was part of several competition-winning design teams ranging from an 80 acre urban redevelopment in Houston to a pop up art installation using only neon surveyor’s string.

Shannon has professionally practiced at K-12 and Higher Ed campuses, urban gathering spaces, and a nearly 100-acre ecological campus designed to anticipate climate change and provide ecosystem services to the surrounding neighborhood. She has taught college-level classes on the interface of industrial waterfronts with gentrifying neighborhoods; small-scale community engagement processes; and design-build. Service is a core part of Shannon’s professional endeavors and she currently serves on the executive board for the Association for Community Design, a nationwide non-profit dedicated to promoting justice and equity in the built environment.

All types of design appeal to Shannon, however, she gets most excited  about soils, waterfronts,  community-oriented design processes, empowering young designers, and places that feel wild.

Currently she manages several projects, contributing a rich body of construction experience and sensitivity towards client’s outdoor space needs to each endeavor she undertakes. Shannon has a tenacious work ethic, and brings human-centered approach to creating excellent places defined by their durability, functionality and beauty.


Shannon’s upbringing was defined by bike adventures around the neighborhood, road trips to the plains of Canada, camping trips in the southern Cascade mountains, swinging a hammer with her dad, Frank Lloyd Wright monographs and many, many hypothetical redesigns of her suburban California home.  If she wasn’t a Landscape Architect you’d probably find her behind the counter of a little restaurant, building the coffee tables of her dreams, or trying to hike all the trails in the Sierra Nevada.