Natalie Webb

Landscape Architect

Education and Professional Experience

Natalie received her Master of Landscape Architecture from Kansas State University in 2015. During that time, she took special interest in hand rendering techniques, digital graphics and graphic design – exploring new programs and technology to use on current and future projects. Her thesis project entitled ‘Envisioning 3D Learning Environments in Environmental Education: Exploration of the Konza Prairie’  included a technology exploration and graphic storyboarding for the later production of a virtual environment modeled after the tallgrass prairie in Kansas. The project has contributed to continuing research faculty in the Department of Landscape Architecture & Community Planning at Kansas State, which has been presented at multiple conferences internationally.

After graduation, Natalie made the cross-country move to Port Townsend, Washington to join a small firm specializing in high-end residential design. Aspects of these projects opened up new interest in shoreline and native plant restoration, and provided opportunities to work in beautiful locations in Puget Sound. While living in Port Townsend, she connected with the local community by utilizing her graphic design skills to work on small projects for local businesses in return for coffee. She called the Olympic Peninsula home for three years – exploring the mountains, forests and coast as often as possible. She’s an avid backpacker and considers her camera as essential as her tent on trips. Joining the team in Eugene not only means new projects to work on, but also new terrain to explore and places to photograph.


Natalie is a Kansas native who found her outdoorsy self in the Pacific Northwest. Growing up in a small town offered rural beauty and an appreciation for nature in all its power and subtleties. The sense of awe within nature has traveled with her everywhere she’s gone, and fuels her love for backpacking and landscape photography. She sleeps better in a tent than in her bed, almost always has a cup of coffee in hand, loves to connect with her local community, and enjoys finding happiness in the small everyday things.