Kelsey Zlevor

Planning Associate

Kelsey joined Cameron McCarthy in 2016. As a planning associate, she provides her skills in technical writing, process management, land use analysis, and report development. Her experience to date focuses on parks planning and civic buildings.

Education and Professional Expertise

Kelsey received her Bachelor’s in Environmental Sciences and Certificate in Sustainability from the University of Iowa (UI) in 2014. During her time at UI, Kelsey clarified her focus in environmental work through a comprehensive range of experiences. She conducted biochemical research at Argonne National Laboratory, contributed to the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History’s LEED Gold application, and participated on the winning team for the Grand Prize in Innovation at the Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy (SISE) at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

Through this first career path as an environmental scientist, it became evident to Kelsey that there is a rising need for socially and scientifically bilingual public servants; those who understand the science behind environmental issues while possessing the ability to bring environmental best practices into real communities. This realization fueled her decision to pursue her Master of Community and Regional Planning at the University of Oregon, where she received her degree in 2016.

While at the UO, Kelsey was a Graduate Fellow at Sustainable Cities Initiative where she helped facilitate the Sustainable City Year Program, merging the needs of Oregon cities with student learning in the classroom. She also interned with the City of Eugene’s Department of Waste Prevention and Green Building to develop the Love Food Not Waste curbside composting pilot program, and presented her research on Oregon’s land banking system for brownfields at the American Planning Association’s National Conference.

With a multi-faceted background in science and planning, Kelsey seeks to serve as a conduit between technical analysis and social decision-making to create vibrant spaces that serve both people and the environment. She is currently involved in planning for the Thurston Hills Natural Area Park, Bend’s Larkspur Senior Center, and Eugene’s Coordinated Downtown Development.


As a Midwest native, Kelsey fiercely defends Chicago deep-dish pizza, the Iowa Hawkeyes, and Wisconsin cheese. When not in the office, you can find her exploring the Oregon coast, petting neighborhood cats, or cooking, reading, and drinking coffee (sometimes all at once). She is an incurable fast-walker, pun enthusiast, pop culture aficionado, and cellist of 15 years.