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EWEB Land Use Planning

Eugene, OR

Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) completed a Master Plan visioning process for the redevelopment of its downtown headquarters site in 2010. The Master Plan builds certainty about the vision for the EWEB property while being flexible enough to allow the vision to be realized in different ways.  In 2010, Cameron McCarthy in collaboration with Rowell Brokaw Architects was selected to translate the Master Plan into implementation tools.  The process for the creation of implementation tools involved the development of a Special Area Zone (SAZ) and Special Area Plan (SAP) for adoption into Eugene Code to address specific land uses, development standards and guidelines, and phasing.  Additional land use actions included a Metro Plan Amendment, Downtown Plan Amendment, Zone Change, Transportation Planning Rule and Traffic Impact Analysis, Willamette Greenway Permit, and Code Amendments to obtain entitlements and codify the land use framework.  The Eugene City Council approved the implementing ordinance in July 2013.