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Eugene/Springfield, OR

Resulting from a regional transportation plan update in 1996, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) emerged as the clearly preferred transit strategy for the Eugene / Springfield community.  Phase I of the system opened in January of 2007 and connected the metropolitan areas of Springfield and Eugene.  The second phase of the project extended a loop through Springfield that linked the Gateway commercial and housing center with the employment centers in the McKenzie Gateway campus, industrial, and the RiverBend medical center areas.  The third phase of the project, which is still in the planning and early preliminary design phase, extends towards West Eugene from downtown.

Cameron McCarthy has contributed to all phases of the project including:  pedestrian site design, station plantings, grassy stormwater filtration strips in the guide ways, street tree plantings, and development of numerous landscape medians including trees, shrubs, groundcovers and perennial plantings providing seasonal variation, interest, and color.  Project goals included: involving a wide range of interests in the design process; developing design options that responded to the context, enhancing neighborhoods, and mitigating impacts; to assist in the decision making occurring in the broader planning project; and, to develop design objectives and considerations used during advanced engineering stages.