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Ashland Calle Guanajuato Restoration

Ashland, OR

The Calle Guanajuato (a pedestrian way named after Ashland’s sister city in Mexico) is Ashland’s historic creekside retail and restaurant corridor.  The impetus for design services was the devastating 1997 flooding of Ashland Creek.   Improvements included restoration of the creek and riparian zone, plaza spaces for outdoor markets and dining on the south side and a natural setting with trails and stream access on the north side.  The project involved extensive public involvement, design, and planning services.  Our firm was the lead consultant for the five-member design team of the master planning phase.  We compiled existing site history and conditions, and facilitated multiple community workshops and input sessions.  The process resulted in the implementation of a cohesive site development for the City of Ashland and the Ashland Parks Department.