Zach Rix


Zach started his career with Cameron McCarthy in 2010, and earned his license to practice in 2014.   As a recently licensed professional he has undertaken an increasing amount of design and project management responsibility and continues to assist with design and production on a variety of projects.  His experience to date includes streetscapes, healthcare facilities, higher education, community housing, land use planning graphics, parks master planning, infrastructure refinement plans, and athletic facilities.  Areas of emphasis include higher education, urban design, transportation, and parks master plans.

Education & Professional Expertise

Zach earned his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon in 2010 with a focus on urban design and landscape ecology pertaining to cultural landscapes; specifically, open waterways as an important social, economic, and aesthetic resource.  He interned for two summers at the City of Salem where he gained hands on practice with urban stream restoration design and implementation, furthering his interest in these dynamic systems.  He also interned one year with City of Eugene Metro & Community Planning.  He is a member of the Construction Specifications Institute’s Willamette Valley Chapter and serves as chair of the Chapter’s Program Committee for the 2013-14 year.

Notable planning projects Zach has had substantial role with include EWEB Downtown Riverfront Planning, Sisters Parks Master Plan, and South Beach Infrastructure Refinement Plan in Newport.  Some of his largest design and construction projects include OSU Washington Way Realignment, Deskins Commons Affordable Housing (Newberg), and Roseburg VA.

His interest in the impact of positive urban spaces that promote welfare, equality and the importance of local interaction with native ecology in urban areas influences each project he works on.  He has amassed skills in technical and creative software, technical drawings and site design, hand rendering and multi-media design techniques, understanding of team organization and applied leadership in team environments, and an exploratory attitude to design.  He has progressively increased his design responsibility with each assignment, and exhibits a particular affinity for grading, drainage and hardscape design components of his projects.


Zach is a native Oregonian hailing from a rural area near Salem.  He is a recreational cyclist and enjoyer of the great outdoors.  He may be found appreciating local music venues, exploring the Cascades, or spending time with his partner and overly privileged cat.


“The most important issue of the 21st century will be the condition of the global environment.”    –Ian McHarg