Dylan Anslow


Education and Professional Experience

Dylan graduated with her Masters in Landscape Architecture from Harvard GSD in 2020. She previously earned a BS/MS in Earth Systems from Stanford. Her main interests in landscape architecture are climate resiliency, equity, and accessibility. She is also interested in food systems and security, which inspired her independent study at GSD investigating how pollination might be recognized and supported as a public utility in the landscape. Throughout her education she pursued coursework in restoration ecology, environmental justice, and environmental communications, and was a teaching assistant for courses in sustainable agriculture and landscape architecture technology.  

Dylan’s professional experience to-date is a well-balanced mix of commercial, streetscape, and residential landscapes. She also has experience working in conservation fieldwork, sustainable farming, and marine biology research. 

Dylan is excited about contributing to her local and professional communities: she is on the ASLA Climate Action and Library, Archives, and Research Service committees. She is in the OSU Master Melittologist program, learning to identify Oregon’s many native bees and contribute data to the Oregon Bee Project. She led the GSBees club at GSD and taught many peers how to keep bees and support pollinators, and continues to mentor new beekeepers locally. 


Dylan grew up in Eugene and spent much of her time playing in the woods and the garden, which is basically what she still likes to do. She spends her free time helping her mom grow and preserve food, biking, swimming, and running the local trails. Her other passion is fiber arts, such as quilting, making clothes, knitting, and using a vintage embroidery machine to sew patches. She is also learning to play bass after many years as a trombonist.