Nick Mercado


Nick joined Cameron McCarthy in 2015. As an associate, he provides design, drafting and illustration support to the firm’s project leaders.

Education and Professional Expertise

Nick received his Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Kansas State University. Along the way, he accumulated an extensive amount of design knowledge that led to a fascination of urban design and digital fabrication. Nick’s interest in urban design blossomed from a study abroad program in Copenhagen that included topics such as walkability, bicycle transportation, social sustainability, gentrification and urban mutations. His involvement on a number of design-build projects prompted an interest of digital fabrication and parametric design.

When not in class, Nick worked at the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art. As an assistant to the exhibition designer, he helped with set-up and take-down, art prep work, matting and framing. Nick’s admiration for the arts, and interest in urban design and digital fabrication, culminated in his master’s report: A Framework for Site Informed Light Art Installations, which focused on designing and prototyping two site specific light art installations.

Post-graduation, Nick was commissioned to design and fabricate a full-scale light art installation for a Pop-Up Park located in downtown Wichita, Kansas. The design was completed in a matter of weeks, but the fabrication encompassed four months to realize. Weighing in around 1,600 pounds, the 8’ x 17’ installation consists of 191 undulating steel slats that reveal a composition of sunflowers depending on the viewer’s angle.


Nick was born and raised in Plano, Texas. He considers himself a quarter Kansan after spending 6 years in Manhattan, otherwise known as “The Little Apple.” Delighted to call the Pacific Northwest his new home, he is excited for new traveling adventures full of camping and hiking. Nick remains infatuated with understanding the built environment and the connection details of everyday objects and spaces. In his spare time, Nick enjoys digital and analog drawing, making music, woodworking, metalworking, and digital fabrication.

“Everything is changing; everything is connected; you must pay attention.” – Jane Hirshfield